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  1. Limited Edition Organic
    Infusion N°25 bio - Palais des Thés

    Holiday Garden Herbal Tea N°25

    Caffeine-free blend of fruits and spices - Organic
  2. Limited Edition Organic
    Thé Vert N°31 bio - Palais des Thés

    New Year's Eve Tea N°31

    Green tea, sweet rose & elderberries
  3. Limited Edition Organic
    Rooibos N°25 BIO - Palais des Thés

    Holiday Rooibos Tea N°25

    Rooibos, citrus & spices - Organic
  4. Limited Edition Organic
    Thé vert N°25 BIO - Palais des Thés

    Holiday Green Tea N°25

    Green tea, citrus & spices - Organic
  5. Limited Edition Organic
    Le Thé Magnifique - Palais des Thés

    Le Thé Magnifique

    Green tea, pear, vanilla & almond
  6. New Organic
    Granité Fraise BIO - Palais des Thés

    Organic Strawberry Granita

    Caffeine-free blend of strawberry, hibiscus & verbena – L...
  7. New Organic
    sur un nuage BIO - Palais des Thés

    On a Cloud

    Source of peace - Organic sensorial herbal tea
  8. New Organic
    le bruit des vagues BIO - Palais des Thés

    By The Sea

    Source of escape - Organic sensorial herbal tea
  9. New Organic
    à cœur joie BIO - Palais des Thés

    Pure Joy

    Source of optimism - Organic sensorial herbal tea
  10. New Organic
    dans ma bulle BIO - Palais des Thés

    In my bubble

    Source of focus - Organic sensorial herbal tea
  11. Best-seller Organic
    DETOX Brésilienne BIO - Palais des Thés

    Organic Brazilian Detox - Energy

    Green tea and mate, acai, guarana & passion fruit
  12. Organic
    Thé Vert À La Menthe BIO - Palais des Thés

    Mint Organic Green Tea

    Flavoured green tea - Mint
  13. Organic
    DETOX Sud-Africaine BIO - Palais des Thés

    Organic South African Detox - For Draining

    Rooibos, honeybush, moringa & mango
  14. Best-seller Organic
    Organic Vive le thé - Palais des Thés

    Vive le thé

    Green tea, citrus & spices
  15. Best-seller Organic
    Organic Big Ben - English Breakfast

    Organic Big Ben - English Breakfast

    Black teas from Yunnan & Assam
  16. Organic
    DETOX Japonaise BIO - Palais des Thés

    Organic Japanese Detox - Relaxation

    Green tea, cherry blossom, buckwheat & nashi pear
    $17.00 $1.00 / 3.5 oz pouch
  17. Organic
    Menthe poivrée, Anis, Mélisse BIO - l’Herboriste N°52 - Palais des Thés

    Organic - L'Herboriste N°52 Peppermint, Anise &...

    Caffeine-free blend of Peppermint, Anise & Lemon Balm
  18. Best-seller Organic
    Organic Afternoon Tea - Le Temps Retrouvé

    Organic Afternoon Tea - Le Temps Retrouvé

    Black tea from China & roasted green tea from Japan

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