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  1. Mate Calabash
    Mate Calabash
  2. Tea Spatula
    Tea Spatula
    Japanese traditional ustensil
  3. Tea Infusion Timer
    Tea Infusion Timer
    3 Infusion Times
  4. Matcha Whisk Stand In Porcelain
    Matcha Whisk Stand In Porcelain
    Essential to protect the quality of the “Chasen” Matcha whisk
  5. Electronic Thermometer
    Electronic Thermometer
  6. Matcha Initiation Set
    Matcha Initiation Set
    Matcha initiation set for the traditional preparation of Matcha tea
  7. Whisk Stand
    Whisk Stand
  8. Matcha Whisk
    Matcha Whisk
    Japanese traditional utensil