Tea Tasting Set

White porcelain
White porcelain tasting set used by our experts to select teas.

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  • Material Porcelain


Tasting set in white porcelain stamped with the seal of Palais des Thés. Ideal for smelling the leaves and tasting the tea.

The individual tasting set consists of three items:
- A bowl
- A cup with serrated edges
- A lid

It allows you to prepare small amounts while retaining the optimal proportions of tea to water. The tasting set lets you compare dozens or hundreds of teas effectively, one after another, and taste them in optimal conditions, appreciating the subtle qualities of each tea type.

The pot and lid are designed for smelling and viewing the infused leaves by tipping the contents of the cup into the lid. The bowl allows you to view and taste the liquor; its round shape avoids creating shadows.

- Weigh out 2g of tea and place it in the cup with serrated edges. Pour in 10cl of water heated to the correct temperature (this is always specified on the pack).
- Leave to infuse for the time indicated.
- Then pour the liquor into the bowl, keeping the lid over the cup to retain the leaves and ensure they do not stay in the liquor. Now the tasting can begin.

Technical specifications:
- Capacity of the cup: 12 cl
- Bowl: Height: 5 cm – Diameter: 9 cm
- Cup: Height: 6 cm – Diameter: 7 cm
- Lid: Diameter: 7 cm

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