Faire de votre métier une passion
«An exceptional tea is born on fertile ground, it grows in the hands of passionate tea producers, it reveals itself thanks to responsible business practices and it is enjoyed by tea amateurs who are conscious of truly good things.»
François-Xavier Delmas
Tea Researcher and  
founder of Palais des Thés

Our History

Our tea house continues to grow in order to allow everyone to discover tea.
  • François-Xavier Delmas
    Palais des Thés was founded by a group of 40 friends, including François-Xavier Delmas. The brand’s first store opened the following year.
  • Thé du Hammam, an iconic creation
    Thé du Hammam is created. This green tea with hints of dates, orange blossoms, red berries and roses is inspired by traditional Turkish steam baths, an ancient ritual promoting relaxation and a clear mind.
  • A tasting session at The Tea School in Paris
    The Tea School was founded in Paris by François-Xavier Delmas and Mathias Minet, where tea drinkers can learn the secrets behind the art of tea preparation and tasting.
  • The Tea Drinker’s Handbook
    The Tea Drinker’s Handbook was published, a comprehensive and insightful guide into the world of tea co-written by François-Xavier Delmas and Mathias Minet.
  • Afternoon tea at the Hotel Barrière Fouquet’s in New York City.
    The U.S. subsidiary of Palais des Thés opens in New York City.
  • The Master Tea Sommelier Diploma
    The first Master Tea Sommelier exam takes place at the Tea School in Paris. This diploma acknowledges a high level of expertise in the knowledge of tea and the art of guiding.
    Publication of the second work by François-Xavier Delmas and Mahias Minet, “Tea Sommelier: A Step-by-Step Guide” published by Abbeville Press.
  • Program to promote sustainable farming in Nepal
    Palais des Thés begins working with Karuna-Shechen, an organization that provides humanitarian aid to underprivileged communities in India and Nepal.
  • These teas pay homage to the majesty of the Louvre museum
    The Louvre, one the world’s most famous museum, chose Palais des Thés to create its signature tea. The first Louvre teas are created in 2019 (Courtyard and Garden collection), followed by the Louvre Herbal infusions in 2022 (Egyptian Night and Garden of Venus).
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