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  1. Organic
    Ryokucha Midori Bio - Palais des Thés

    Ryokucha Midori (Organic)

    Japanese green tea
  2. Organic
    Darjeeling Puttabong Bio - Palais des Thés
  3. Organic
    Grand Jasmine Imperial (Organic)
  4. Organic
    Thé Vert À La Menthe BIO - Palais des Thés

    Green Tea with Mint (Organic)

    Inspired by Moroccan Tradition
  5. Organic
    Earl Grey Queen Blend BIO - Palais des Thés
  6. Le Thé Guimet - Palais des Thés

    Guimet Tea

    Green tea, flowers & citrus
  7. Best-seller Organic
    Organic Vive le thé - Palais des Thés
  8. Organic
    Jejudo Impérial BIO - Palais des Thés
  9. Organic
    Genmaicha Midori - Palais des Thés
  10. New Organic
    Paris for you by night - BIO - Palais des Thés

    Paris For You By Night (Organic)

    Black tea, citrus & spices
  11. Organic
    Sencha Ariake - BIO - Palais des Thés

    Organic Sencha Ariake

    Green tea from Japan
  12. Best-seller Organic
    Limoncha - Palais des Thés

    Limoncha (Organic)

    Black and green teas, roasted rice, almond & lemon
  13. Long Jing  Impérial - Palais des Thés

    Long Jing Imperial

    Chinese green tea
  14. Grand cru Organic
    Mao Cha de Chiang Dao - Palais des Thés

    Mao Cha From Chiang Dao (Organic)

    Dark tea from Chiang Mai (Thailand)
  15. Grand cru
    Tsetskhli Chai - Palais des Thés

    Tsetskhli Chai

    Green tea from Guria (Georgia)
  16. Sam Bodhi

    Sam Bodhi

    Ceylon black tea
  17. Spring Tea (Thé Des Sources)

    Spring Tea (Thé Des Sources)

    Green tea, mint & bergamot
  18. Violet


    Floral black tea
  19. Best-seller
    Thé des Alizés - Palais des Thés

    Alizes Winds Tea (Thé Des Alizés)

    Green tea, peach & orange blossom

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