L'Infuseur (Tea Brewer)

A modern and easy to use accessory
A modern and easy to use accessory


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L’Infuseur (Iced Tea Brewer): Tastier Tea, easier to prepare.

This accessory will allow you to:

Prepare delicious hot or iced tea. Simply place your tea (check quantities recommended for each tea) in L’Infuseur followed by the appropriate volume of water at the correct temperature (use the scale on L’Infuseur as a guide) and leave to steep for the recommended time.

Enjoy the perfect infusion: L’Infuseur allows the tea leaves to open up fully in the water and release all their aroma and flavour molecules. This creates the perfect conditions for infusing tea. The pleasure begins with the preparation: the senses awaken as you watch the leaves unfurling and smell the delicious aromas.

For your hot tea, once the infusion time is up, simply place L’Infuseur on top of a cup, jug, mug or teapot (cast iron excluded) to stop the infusion process and transfer the liquor. Now, enjoy your hot tea!

For iced tea, empty the contents of L’Infuseur into a large cup or jug filled with ice cubes: your iced tea is now ready to drink!

Available in two capacities:

- 450ml: height 13 cm, diameter 10 cm (16 cm handle included)

- 1L: height 16.5 cm, diameter 13 cm (20 cm handle included)


Use precautions:

Hand wash only

Not microwave safe

Material: Polyester. BPA free.

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