Cod parcels with Matcha parmesan topping

This recipe was devised by Maïa, a blogger @petitsbeguins, exclusively for Palais des Thés.

Serves 2 Dish
  • medium
  • 20m
Cod parcels with Matcha parmesan topping


Cod parcels Matcha parmesan topping


  • Top each piece of cod with the yoghurt, lemon juice and halved cherry tomatoes.
  • Wrap loosely in baking parchment and bake at 390°F (200°C) for 20 minutes.
  • Combine the topping ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  • Just before serving, dust a little Baking & Cooking Matcha (1.7 Oz. Pouch) over the cooked cod using a sieve.
  • Then divide the Matcha parmesan topping between the two portions.