Pasta pairings
If you are preparing spaghetti bolognese or tomato-based lasagna, opt for a spring Darjeeling with its vegetable notes which match the scent of the fruit-vegetable. If you are making a nut and gorgonzola pasta recipe, serve a Butterfly of Taiwan, an Oolong with honeyed notes that creates a contrast with the powerful, milky flavor of the cheese.
Risotto pairings
Risotto lovers are not left out. Genmaicha Yama, a bancha green tea, accompanied by grilled rice, will pair wonderfully with the flavor of a Milanese or creamy risotto. If it is made with mushrooms or truffles, a few Premium Yunnan Buds will work wonders with their woody aromas and nuances of tobacco and mushroom. Finally, if you are cooking a seafood risotto, there is nothing like a very iodized green tea like a Tamaryokucha Imperial.

Our suggestions
Tea & Pasta or Risotto

  1. Best-seller
    Genmaicha Yama - Palais des Thés
    Genmaicha Yama
    Japanese green tea
    A traditional blend of Bancha green tea and roasted rice.
  2. Tamaryokucha Imperial
    Tamaryokucha Imperial
    Japanese green tea
    The dark green colour of this highly aromatic tea comes from its twisted leaves. Its velvety texture a...
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