Tamaryokucha Imperial

Japanese green tea
The dark green colour of this highly aromatic tea comes from its twisted leaves. Its velvety texture and delicate mellow flavour are simply remarkable.
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  • Infusion Time 2' - 3'

  • Quantity 0.2oz / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 175°C - 170°F

  • Time of the day All day long


A remarkable green tea whose leaves are twisted, rather than folded like the Sencha teas.

This intensifies its dark green color, which is a sign of high quality in this type of tea.

It is milder than most Japanese green teas, with a silky, subtle liquor and a fragrant infusion.

Tea and food pairings:
Tamaryokucha Imperial pairs extremely well seafood such as shrimps, scallops or clams. For desserts lovers, Tamaryokucha Imperial is delicious with berries mousse or sorbet.

Tea and dishes message

Pairs perfectly with berry desserts.

Tea ingredients

green tea (Japan)
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