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The subtle flavor of this flowery, mild tea is known as the "Mocha of teas" or "Surgeon's tea", as it has the power to revive without over-stimulating the nerves. A splendid leaf with plenty of golden buds.


Origin: China

Tea color: black

Steeping Time: 3’-5’

Water temperature: 203°F


Dry leaves

Appearance: large irregular leaves rolled lengthwise.

Colors: black and brown. Some golden buds.

Aromas: woody (waxed wood) and tobacco.


Brewed leaves (infusion)

Color: brown red.

Aromas: woody, honey. A few notes of damp wood and humus.



Color: amber.

Texture: a supple, smooth texture with a very delicate astringency.

Aromas: waxed wood, honey, tobacco and a few animal notes.


Aromatic profile and length in the mouth: very well balanced, with the notes following the texture beautifully.


Our verdict: Flowery and mild, this tea's great character and subtlety has led it to be named the 'Mocha of teas' or "the Surgeons’ tea", as it has the power to revive without over-stimulating the nerves. A splendid leaf with plenty of golden buds. A must for customers of Le Palais des Thés. 


Pairs well with: Foie gras.

Duck, pigeon, guinea fowl.

Grilled or roasted beef and lamb.


Story: Yunnan began producing black tea in the 1940’s, at the instigation of the government, who hoped to develop black tea productions for export. The region offers ideal geological and weather conditions for growing tea: red, fertile soil, a misty and humid climate, and a constant average daily temperature from 59 to 73°F all year round, which gave Kunmings, the provincial capital, built at an altitude of 6,560 feet (2000 m) the nickname of “The City of Four Springs”. Tea growing takes up the whole of the south and southwest of the province. The principal variety of tea bush grown is Da Ye, a bush with large leaves used to make Pu Erh. Until recently, Yunnan produced mostly black tea (which the Chinese call red), but because of the great popularity of Pu Erh, production is now primarily dedicated to the manufacture of dark teas.

Together with Keemun, Yunnan black tea is among the best in China. Easily appreciated, since it is very scented and with scarcely any bitterness thanks to the delicacy of the leaf and the number of buds it contains, it is available in a great many grades. 

3' - 5'
0.2oz / 30cl
203°F / 95°C

Throughout the year, our experts travel in the tea plantations looking for the best pluckings and new, rare, delicious teas.

The fact that we travel so extensively, that we taste and buy on location has many advantages and allows us to find rare crops by looking outside the traditional supplier circuit, to taste and to share with you the harvests of small plantations, which are often hidden away.

Visiting tea estates regularly and thereby establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers allows us to guarantee regular quality control of the teas we buy, and to continue our mission: to bring you the best quality teas and to share our travels and experience with you, while concerning ourselves with environmental issues, working conditions on the estates and the fair trade practices to which we adhere.

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