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  1. Organic
    Oolong Fu Lian Bio - Palais des Thés

    Oolong Fu Lian (Organic)

    Chinese oolong tea
  2. Organic
    Grand Jasmine Imperial (Organic)
  3. Best-seller Organic
    Afternoon Tea - Le Temps Retrouvé (Organic)

    Afternoon Tea - Le Temps Retrouvé (Organic)

    Black tea (China) & green tea (Japan)
  4. Grand cru
    Hong Mao Jian de Gu Zhang - BIO - Palais des Thés

    Hong Mao Jian from Gu Zhang (Organic)

    Black tea from Hunan (China)
  5. Best-seller Organic
    Limoncha - Palais des Thés

    Limoncha (Organic)

    Black and green teas, roasted rice, almond & lemon
  6. Organic
    Grand Yunnan Impérial - BIO - Palais des Thés

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