To pair a dessert with fresh fruit or salad, you are spoiled for choice. During the summer, red fruits are in season. You can accentuate the sweet and tangy flavors of fruits with Pear - Pure Indulgence, a beautiful Sencha green tea combined with pieces of pear. To provide an interesting counterpoint to the liveliness of red fruits, opt for a Bancha Hojicha, roasted green tea with a woody aroma. During the fall, apples, pears and other chestnuts are in season. Pair your fruity dessert with a Chinese white tea like Bai Mu Dan with a woody taste reminiscent of ripe autumn fruits.
If you're making a fruit tart, there's no shortage of ideas. With the lemon tart, play the tone-on-tone card with an Earl Grey with notes of bergamot. With a tarte tatin, financier or fruit cake, medium or highly oxidized teas from Taiwan such as Butterfly of Taïwan will bring woody and fruity notes.
Gourmet desserts pairings
Gourmet desserts
Regarding gourmet desserts, many combinations are possible. If you are making crepes, choose Vive les Fêtes, a subtle blend of Oolong and green tea whose almond and vanilla notes evoke frangipane and pralines. To gently pair cannelés, enjoy a Thé du Hammam Black Leaf, une déclinaison du célèbre Thé du Hammam , a variation of the famous Thé du Hammam supported here by rhubarb. Finally, if you prepare a caramel creme, play on its texture by combining it with a Bao Zhong, which has very pleasant floral and vegetal notes.

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