Accords chocolat noir
Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate pairs harmoniously with several black teas. This is the case with Grand Yunnan Imperial and its honeyed notes that blend perfectly with the intensity of dark chocolate. For an extra hint of sweetness, you can opt for Thé des Gourmets with its generous almond glints, or Montagne Bleue, a flavored black tea with notes of honey, lavender, strawberry and rhubarb. Finally, for a tone-on-tone pairing, we recommend Jukro, a black tea that unfolds gourmet notes of cocoa and vanilla.
Accords chocolat lait
Milk chocolate
Try out a fruity pairing with Pear Pure Indulgence, a pure delight that combines the freshness of a Mao Feng green tea with the sweet flavor and caramelized nuances of pear. The Thé des Moines also goes perfectly with milk chocolate thanks to its gourmet notes of candied citrus. For a complimentary yet innovative pairing, prepare a Genmaicha Yama, a Bancha green tea with soft roasted notes.
Accords chocolat blanc
White chocolate
The sweetness of white chocolate pairs well with the fruity and floral notes of the famous Thé du Hammam. Its Rooibos version is another sweet option. You can also opt for Dong Ding, a subtle oolong with a floral, vegetal, and buttery flavor. It makes for a balanced, subtle pairing with the smoothness of white chocolate. Last but not least, Blue of London, a black tea from Yunnan with fresh and delicate bergamot, is a perfect complement to white chocolate.

Our suggestions
Tea & Chocolate

  1. Best-seller
    Green Tea from China
    One of the finest jasmine teas with a high proportion of tips.
  2. Best-seller
    THÉ DES LORDS Earl Grey tea
    THÉ DES LORDS Earl Grey tea
    Strong bergamot flavor enhanced with safflower petals
    Our Earl Grey tea with the strongest bergamot taste.
  3. Thé Vert À La Menthe BIO - Palais des Thés
    Organic Mint tea
    Flavoured green tea - Mint
    Fresh and thirst-quenching Chinese green tea flavoured with mint leaves.
  4. Best-seller
    Sencha Ariake - Palais des Thés
    SENCHA ARIAKE green tea
    Green Tea from Japan
    The mildest of the great Sencha teas, great for the morning.
  5. Best-seller
    Dark Tea from China
    Highly regarded in Chinese medicine for its curative properties.
  6. Best-seller
    Chaï Impérial - Palais des Thés
    Black tea, cardamom, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger, and or...
    A blend of black teas and spices
  7. Best-seller
    BLUE OF LONDON Earl Grey Tea
    BLUE OF LONDON Earl Grey Tea
    Delicate bergamot and cornflower
    A superb blend that combines Yunnan, one of the world's finest black teas, with fresh, delicate bergamot.
  8. Best-seller
    Black Tea from China
    Our customers' favorite black tea with a supple texture and honey taste.
  9. Thé des Gourmets
    Thé des Gourmets
    Flavored black tea, gourmet and fruity
    Black tea flavored with almond, cherries & cranberries
  10. Best-seller
    Montagne Bleue - Palais des Thés
    MONTAGNE BLEUE berries honey...
    Flavoured black tea - Fruity & Gourmet
    Honey, lavender, blueberry, strawberry and rhubarb.
  11. Pear - Pure Indulgence
    Pear - Pure Indulgence
    Caramelized nuances of pear
    Exceptional fruity tea
  12. Best-seller
    Thé des moines
    THÉ DES MOINES Tibetan black...
    Secret recipe from Tibet
    Flowery tea blend inspired by a secret Tibetan recipe.
  13. Best-seller
    Genmaicha Yama - Palais des Thés
    GENMAICHA Yama green tea
    Green Tea from Japan
    A traditional blend of Bancha green tea and roasted rice.
  14. Best-seller
    THÉ DU HAMMAM berries green tea
    THÉ DU HAMMAM berries green tea
    Berries, green dates, rose and orange flower water
    Berries, rose, orange blossom and green date pulp.
  15. Best-seller
    ROOIBOS DU HAMMAM berries tea
    ROOIBOS DU HAMMAM berries tea
    Berries and green date rooibos fom South Africa
    Rooibos from South Africa with berries and green date. Naturally caffeine-free.
  16. DONG DING oolong tea
    DONG DING oolong tea
    Oolong Tea from Taiwan
    Tea lovers consider it Taiwan's best oolong tea. Low oxydation.
  17. GREEN OF LONDON Earl Grey Tea
    GREEN OF LONDON Earl Grey Tea
    Green tea-based Earl Grey
    Bergamot, cornflower petals and blue mallow. 
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