Ming Bowl

3.7oz / 11 cl - Chinese porcelain bowl
Chinese porcelain bowl - 11 cl
11 cl

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  • Material Porcelain

  • Capacity 11 cl


With its curving rim, the classic shape of the Ming bowl dates back to the dynasty of the same name (1368-1644).
This was the era during which the most delicate and highest quality porcelain was manufactured. Indeed, the art of porcelain in the Jingdezhen region reached its peak during the Ming dynasty. Porcelain was often presented by the royal court as diplomatic gifts, arousing the interest of Europeans in this material, which had remained relatively unknown until then.
Jingdezhen remains the porcelain capital of the world and still attracts the world's finest porcelain-makers.

Manufactured in Jingdezhen, using very fine porcelain, these cups and bowls feature Palais des Thés colours.
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