Tea & Meat or Poultry

Be bold and serve tea with your meal. Discover an incredible harmony in the mouth when red meats, white meats and poultry come together with black teas from China, India and Nepal.

Our suggestions for Tea & Meat or Poultry pairings


Red meat

Rack of lamb, beef pad

  1. SAM BODHI black tea
    SAM BODHI black tea
    Black Tea from Sri Lanka
    A gorgeous tea with an amber-colored flowery liquor.

White meat

Veal, pork

  1. ASSAM MAIJIAN black tea
    ASSAM MAIJIAN black tea
    Summer harvest from India
    One of the best Assam teas: flowery, full-bodied and long in the mouth.


Chicken, coquerel, duck


Partridge, quail

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