Sea pairings
If you're fond of grilling fish, be it red mullet, sea bass, or sea bream, you can prepare a Ryokucha Midori, a revitalizing green tea known for its iodized and vegetal qualities. Alternatively, consider a Japanese Tamaryokucha like Imperial, which offers buttery and marine flavors.
Similarly, Sencha teas are a great choice when relishing raw fish with iodized notes or shellfish (such as oysters and clams). Or, if you prefer one-sided cooked or smoked salmon, a Organic Afternoon Tea, a toasted green tea with woody undertones, is an excellent match.
For those who adore scallops, a delightful pairing can be achieved with a spring Darjeeling of the "clonal" variety, known for its supple texture and delicate pink aromas, delivering delightful flavors.

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Tea & Seafood

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    Sencha Ariake - Palais des Thés
    Sencha Ariake
    Japanese green tea
    The mildest of the great Sencha teas, ideal for morning tea.
  2. Tamaryokucha Imperial
    Tamaryokucha Imperial
    Japanese green tea
    The dark green colour of this highly aromatic tea comes from its twisted leaves. Its velvety texture a...
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