Sencha Teapot

12 oz (35 cl) - Japanese porcelain
Crafted from premium bone china sourced in Japan, this teapot boasts sophisticated and graceful contours. It is accompanied by a stainless-steel strainer, ensuring a seamless brewing experience.
0.35 L

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  • Height 9 cm

  • Diameter 8.50 cm

  • Material Porcelain

  • Capacity 0.35 L


With its refined, elegant lines, this teapot is made of top-quality bone china from Japan. The red hallmark of Palais des Thés adds a beautiful finishing touch to this attractive object, emphasizing its pearly white finish. 

Its small size makes it ideal for serving Japanese green Sencha teas.

Supplied with stainless-steel strainer.

Sencha Teapot Description

Capacity: 0.35L / 11.8 fl oz

Height: 9cm - 3.5 in

Diameter: 8.5cm - 3.35 in

Our suggestion: Sencha cup is available to match this teapot.


Sencha cup is available to match this teapot
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