Kinsei Teapot

24 oz (70 cl) - Japanese porcelain
Indulge in the exquisite world of Japanese porcelain with the Kinsei teapot, perfect for enjoying your favorite teas and infusions. It includes a convenient stainless-steel strainer.
0.7 L

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  • Height 20 cm

  • Material Porcelain

  • Capacity 0.7 L

  • Width 13 cm


Japanese porcelain Kinsei teapot is perfect for tea lovers !

The black Kinsei teapot is an accessory combining tradition and modernity. Its name "Kinsei" means "modern times" in Japanese.

The Kinsei porcelain teapot is ideal to savor teas and infusions. Made in Japan, in the Tono region, its graphic design makes it a design accessory with Japanese inspiration.

Its stainless steel handle resists to the heat and enables you to serve tea with comfort. It also has a stainless steel filter adjusted to the capacity and size of the teapot. Its capacity of 70cl makes it easy to fill several cups and is ideal to share a moment around tea.

For Christmas, as a limited edition with the matching Kinsei Teacup sold separately, they constitute an ideal gift to please tea lovers.

Japanese porcelain Kinsei teapot is sold in its black box decorated with Palais des Thés' logo.


Mino potteries are ceramics and porcelains produced in the Tono region in Japan. During the Azuchi Momoyama (1573-1600) era, the apogee of ceramics, the production of Mino potteries of high artistic quality is developing, reflecting the rise of the tea ceremony in Japan. During the Showa period (1926-1988), this type of potteries became the largest production of Japan, in terms of prestige and volume.

Those high quality teapots are produced according to a process of clay kneading, followed by casting, drying, a bisque firing, a procedure of dip-glazing and a final firing. This glazing is a unique blending exclusively produced in this factory. It gives a finish touch similar to stoneware for a porcelain teapot that stays light and easy to use.

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