History in a few words

The beginning of the cultivation of tea dates back to the 8th century. Brought back by Korean monks who left to study sacred Buddhist texts in China, tea developed with the Dado ceremony. One would have to wait until the 1960s to witness the development of tea consumption in South Korea.

The large areas of tea production are located in the southern part of the country. The historic region is in South Gyeongsang province, where the oldest plantations can be found on the Jirisan massif.

Tea varities

Most of Korean production is intended for local consumption. Rare, costly and prestigious, these teas are given as gifts or consumed on important occasions. With the exception of Jukro, an exceptional black tea that reveals cacao notes of a rare intensity, the country produces mostly green teas harvested in spring. An example? Jejudo Impérial, a beautiful green tea that distinguishes itself by its smoothness and very umami flavor.
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