Tea leaves

History in a few words

In Brazil, cultivation of maté is a particularly ancient ritual. Like in Argentina or Uruguay, this drink comes from the Guarani people. Belonging to the holly family, the yerba mate plant – also nicknamed Brazilian tea or Jesuit tea – is heated in order to halt oxidation. Next, the leaves are finely chopped before being consumed in a calabash with the help of a bombilla straw. In Brazil, “chimarrão” is the term used by Brazilians to refer to this drink.
Picture of some Mate

Tea varieties

Though a producer of some black and green teas, Brazil truly excels in the production of maté. An example: Organic Maté Verde Chimarrão, a particularly round and fresh maté with very smooth vegetal notes.
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  1. Organic
    Juicy Sunrise Bio - Palais des Thés
    Juicy Sunrise Iced Tea (Orga...
    Mate, orange zest & apple
    An intensely thirst-quenching blend of mate, orange zest and apple. This iced tea is like a sun-drench...
  2. Organic
    Mate Classico (Organic)
    Mate Classico (Organic)
    Green brazilian tea
    Green mate from South America also known as "Jesuits' tea"
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