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History in a few words

In Brazil, cultivation of maté is a particularly ancient ritual. Like in Argentina or Uruguay, this drink comes from the Guarani people. Belonging to the holly family, the yerba mate plant – also nicknamed Brazilian tea or Jesuit tea – is heated in order to halt oxidation. Next, the leaves are finely chopped before being consumed in a calabash with the help of a bombilla straw. In Brazil, “chimarrão” is the term used by Brazilians to refer to this drink.
Picture of some Mate

Tea varieties

Though a producer of some black and green teas, Brazil truly excels in the production of maté. An example: Organic Maté Verde Chimarrão, a particularly round and fresh maté with very smooth vegetal notes.
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  1. Best-seller
    Organic Brazilian DETOX For Energy
    Organic Brazilian DETOX For ...
    Flavored green tea - Energy
    A delicious organic blend combining green tea, mate, açai, guarana & passion fruit.
  2. Juicy Sunrise Bio - Palais des Thés
    Juicy Sunrise Organic
    Mate, orange zest & apple - Iced Tea
    An intensely thirst-quenching blend of mate, orange zest and apple. This iced tea is like a sun-drench...
  3. Mate Verde Chimarrão Bio
    Mate - Brazil
    A traditional invigorating drink from South America
    The perfect way to start the day, and an ideal...
  4. Organic Mate Classico
    Organic Mate Classico
    Green mate
    Green mate from South America also known as "Jesuits' tea"
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