Louvre Infusions

An exclusive partner of the Louvre since 2019, Palais des Thés has recently created two infusions inspired by the collections of one of the world’s greatest museums. A journey through time and history that establishes close links between the tea company and the world of museums.

By Bénédicte Bortoli

Since joining Palais des Thés in 1990, Mathias Minet has been creating flavoured teas that have met with unqualified success.
What if the Louvre and its treasures were interpreted as infusions? What fragrances, what flavors and imagery could be conjured up?

Mystery, an endless source of inspiration

Wandering through the vast museum, stopping before a statue, painting or relic, letting your imagination roam. “I work with my nose and my palate but above all with dreams, imaginary worlds, evocations. You have to be sensitive and listen to your impressions, what things tell you or don’t tell you,” explains Mathias. For the creation of the Thés du Louvre – a successful first collaboration − the concept was born from the symbolism of the place, while the infusions were created out of a desire to become immersed in the collections, especially in ancient civilisations shrouded in mystery. This playfulness and secrecy is found in the infusions, which don’t reveal their ingredients from the very first sip. It is a way of throwing a veil over the olfactory notes with unexpected and, at first, elusive pairings, like hieroglyphics, in a quest for sensory pleasure. But how do you create a connection between the Venus de Milo or an Egyptian bas-relief and an infusion?

A paradise bathed in light and shade

With Garden of Venus, the light of the Mediterranean sun is infused, evoking a stroll through a garden filled with white flowers and citrus trees. An opportunity to lose oneself between the columns of forgotten temples on the shore in search of a little shade. The warm sweetness of vanilla, the zesty freshness of orange and the indulgence of carob caress the senses, creating an experience that is both delicate and powerful, enveloping and soothing, like a welcome breeze. Voluptuous and refined, this infusion was born from the sensation of the subtle contrast between heat and shade in a Mediterranean garden.

The opulent sensuality of an Eastern night

Egyptian Night immerses you in a vibrant night where the “Star of the East” sings to accompany dancers in an atmosphere of opulence and celebration. Fresh and mellow, this infusion evokes a cool evening on the banks of the Nile, the mystery of the blue hour in chiaroscuro around an oasis overlooked by the Pyramids. The notes of peppermint, elderberry and blueberry relieve the intense heat of the day and charmingly signal the beginning of the eastern night, delicately spiced with a hint of fennel. And so it is that two civilisations, facing each other from opposing sides of the Mediterranean, gave rise to two creations, one day, the other night. This opposition can be prolonged by brewing and sipping these organic infusions, either hot or iced.
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