Advent Calendars

Savor 24 days of tea-filled joy with Palais des Thés' two Advent Calendars this holiday season.

24 Days of Tea

24 cotton tea bags
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Indulge in the enchantment of the holiday season with our '24 Days of Tea' Advent Calendar, a daily ritual that infuses warmth and anticipation into your December mornings.
Uncover 24 thoughtfully curated flavored tea blends, exceptional single estate teas, and delectable herbal infusions, all enclosed in hand-stitched gourmet cotton tea bags. Behind one of the doors lies our exclusive limited edition holiday tea, Le Thé Magnifique. Can you guess which one it will be?

Sneak peak of what's inside
Le Thé Magnifique (Organic)
2023 Limited Edition
Chai Imperial
Flavored black tea
Black tea
Scandinavian Detox
Organic herbal blend
Sahara Tea
Flavored green tea
Darjeeling Margaret's Hope
Black tea
Hammam Tea
Flavored green tea
Lover's Tea
Flavored black tea
Grand Yunnan Imperial
Black tea
Dreamy Tea
Flavored oolong tea
Montagne Bleue
Flavored black tea
Big Ben
Organic English Breakfast
Thé Des Vahines
Flavored green tea
Long Jing
Green tea
Holiday Garden N°25
Organic herbal blend
Genmaicha Yama
Green tea
Tea of Wonders
2022 Limited Edition
French Garden
Organic herbal blend
Pu Erh Imperial
Dark tea
L'Herboriste N°108
Organic herbal blend
Rooibos des Lords
Earl Grey (rooibos)
Sencha Ariake
Green tea
Blue of London
Earl Grey (black tea)
Grand Jasmine Chun Feng
Jasmine green tea
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Teas from Around the World

24 loose-leaf teas
  • Nos idées cadeaux
  • Le Thé Féerique
  • La collection Thés des Fêtes
Experience 24 days of tea as a tea sommelier with our premium’ Teas from Around the World Advent Calendar featuring 7 Grand Cru teas and 17 Single-Estate teas from the world's finest gardens and terroirs.
Filled with only loose-leaf tea, this premium calendar takes you into the expert universe of our tea sommeliers who travel the world in search of the most exceptional teas. Explore the distinct flavors of everything from a Korean Jukro to a Japanese Sencha Ariake, and awaken your senses to a delightful tasting experience.
Sneak peak of what's inside
Fengqing Hong Cha
Black tea (China)
Genmaicha Midori
Organic green tea (Japan)
Milky Oolong
Oolong (Thailand)
Yunnan Da Ye
Organic black tea (China)
Tsetskhli Chai
Green tea (Georgia)
Butterfly of Taiwan
Oolong (Taiwan)
Assam Maijian T.G.F.O.P.
Black tea (India)
Kabuse Cha Midori
Green tea (Japan)
Norling Classic Ruby
Black tea (Nepal)
Jejudo Imperial
Organic green tea (Korea)
Tie Guan Yin Imperial
Oolong (China)
Bancha Hojicha
Organic green tea (Japan)
Te Nong Pu Erh 2021
Dark tea (China)
Jade Mao Feng
Green tea (China)
Jade Oolong
Organic oolong (Indonesia)
Gurianta Black Tea
Black tea (Georgia)
Long Jing Imperial
Green tea (China)
Sam Bodhi
Black tea (Sri Lanka)
Sencha Ariake
Organic green tea (Japan)
Torrefied Oolong from Moc Chau
Oolong (Vietnam)
Darjeeling Puttabong
Organic black tea (India)
Grand Jasmine Mao Feng
Green tea (China)
Le Temps Retrouvé Organic
Black tea (China) & green tea (Japan)
Black tea (Korea)
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