tea plantation in Malawi

History in a few words

Located in Southeast Africa between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania, Malawi – not heavily frequented by tourists – is a true country of tea. In fact, the first tea for commercial use in Africa was planted in Malawi in 1886 by Henry Brown, a coffee grower from Sri-Lanka. It is in the south of the country, on the Shire Highlands, that one can discover beautiful and well-maintained plantations.
harvest in Malawi

Tea varieties

While the country mostly grows CTC teas (tea in tea bags) that are not very high in quality, one can also find some high-quality harvests. In the plantations of Satemwa, Alex Kay, a tea lover and enthusiast reserves a small plot of land for developing full-leaf, artisanal teas. Inspired by reputed know-how, he carries out extensive studies and experiments to create his own cru, with his own style. Another distinctive feature, he produces a diverse variety of tea colors: dark, black, green, semi oxidized (oolong), white.

An example: Malawi Thyolo Oolong, an atypical Grand Cru, with a delicately astringent texture supporting vegetal, woody and camphorated notes with a hint of fruit.
Our selection
  1. Grand cru
    Satemwa Oolong - Palais des Thés
    Oolong from Malawi
    A Grand Cru with fruity, woody and camphor fragrances.
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