How to prepare Latte

The tea latte, a scrumptious blend of hot tea and milk, has become one of the trendiest ways to drink tea in recent years.

1 teapot Latte
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Latte tea



  • Heat 8.5 fl.oz of filtered water to the suitable temperature for the tea
  • Heat the milk (cow’s or plant-based) in the microwave (approx. 3 minutes for 17 fl.oz of milk)
  • Prepare a filter containing the necessary quantity of tea for your latte (approx. 0.3 z per 17 fl.oz)
  • Pour the water and milk into a recipient (teapot, mug, etc.) and leave the tea to infuse for the stated time. You can also use the iced tea brewer
  • Remove the filter and froth with the electric frother

Serving suggestion

You can also add sugar, honey or agave syrup according to taste.
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