Iced teas

Enjoy the benefits of healthy and refreshing iced teas this summer. Available in a variety of flavors, each recipe promises a delicious and enjoyable moment at any time of day.

Illustration de Icy Peach
Vrac Icy Peach

Icy Peach


Oolong, spearmint, peppermint & peach

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with Organic Icy Peach tea. This organic low-caffeine oolong tea blends spearmint, peppermint and peach making for a deliciously fruity and thirst-quenching summer beverage.

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Vrac Juicy Sunrise

Juicy Sunrise


Mate, orange zest & apple

A summery creation for sunny days.

An organic and intensely thirst-quenching blend of mate, orange zest and apple. This new iced tea is like a sun-drenched orange. Delicious in a cocktail. The summer must-have for festive moments.

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Illustration de Juicy Sunrise
Illustration de Summer Fizz
Vrac Summer Fizz

Summer Fizz


Green tea, lime & ginger

An invigorating green tea with ginger and spicy warm notes. Inspired by mixology, this acidulous creation can be enjoyed iced, plain, or in a cocktail.

Summer Fizz is organic and certified by Ecocert, an accredited independent certification body.

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Vrac Sweet Sorbet

Sweet Sorbet


Green tea mango & pineapple

Sweet Sorbet is a delicious green tea with refreshing notes of mango, watermelon and pineapple. A sweet, thirst-quenching creation to be served iced.

Refined dessert, the sorbet is sweet and light. It melts in the mouth revealing its delicate fruity notes. An icy delight all summer long.

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Illustration de Sweet Sorbet
Illustration de Exotic Party
Vrac Exotic Party

Exotic Party


White tea & exotic fruits

This delectable white tea with sun-drenched exotic fruits features a fruity and gourmet whirlwind of flavors to be enjoyed iced.

Exotic fruits like pineapple set the tone for this delicious recipe. A bouquet of vibrant flowers, juicy mango and fresh grapefruit round out this tropical blend.

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