Dark Tea from China

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A very fine crop, with many buds for this very particular type of tea. 

Its powerful flavor is reminiscent of damp soil and bark. Long woody, liquorice notes.

Very supple and harmonious. Clean notes with a very supple texture.

Pu-Erh means "trouser bottom" in Chinese. According to a Chinese folk tale, the tea pickers keep the best leaves for themselves, hiding them in their pockets to take home. Pu Er tea is highly regarded in Chinese medicine for its curative properties. It is said to lower cholesterol levels, dissolve fat, aid in digestion, improve blood circulation and reduce the effects of alcohol. This tea improves with age, owing to the specific type of fermentation that affects the tannins.

Dry leaves

Appearance: small leaves rolled lengthwise.

Color: black, grey.

Aromas: undergrowth, mushroom, damp earth, animal.

Brewed leaves (infusion)

Color: black.

Aromas: animal, undergrowth, moss, damp wood and damp earth.


Color: brown with black glints.

Texture: very supple, velvety and smooth.

Flavors: umami

Aromas: undergrowth, mushroom, mineral, damp wood and damp earth.

Tea and food pairings:
Discover the delicious taste of Pu Erh Imperial with game. For cheese lovers, this dark tea pairs softly with firm cheese such as aged Comte or semi-hard cow’s milk cheese.

4' - 5'
0.2oz / 30cl
203°F / 95°C

Throughout the year, our experts travel in the tea plantations looking for the best pluckings and new, rare, delicious teas.

The fact that we travel so extensively, that we taste and buy on location has many advantages and allows us to find rare crops by looking outside the traditional supplier circuit, to taste and to share with you the harvests of small plantations, which are often hidden away.

Visiting tea estates regularly and thereby establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers allows us to guarantee regular quality control of the teas we buy, and to continue our mission: to bring you the best quality teas and to share our travels and experience with you, while concerning ourselves with environmental issues, working conditions on the estates and the fair trade practices to which we adhere.

LORI - I didn't care for the first cup of this, it was very strongly earthy tasting. Then I recalled that I drink another pu-erh that advises rinsing the leaves with hot water and draining before making your cup. I tried that and now I love it. You can brew the leaves at least twice with good strong flavor.


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