Teacup Illusions Red Kiss

8.5oz / 25cl - Porcelain heat-sensitive cup Illusions from Degrenne
Heat-sensitive cup turning from black to green on contact with heat
25 cl

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  • Height 9.5

  • Diameter 9.4

  • Material Porcelain

  • Capacity 25 cl


The Illusions range was created by French designer Sylvain Dubuisson, known for his technical yet whimsical approach. The heat-sensitive Illusions cups bring a whole new dimension to porcelain, by changing colour on contact with heat. The cup starts out black and instantly turns green on contact with your hot tea.

The art of the illusion consists of repeating this spectacle to the delight of observers.


A dishwasher will destroy the special effects of this cup due to changes in temperature. To ensure its properties remain over time, wash the Illusions cup by hand with a soft sponge. Hand wash recommended.

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