White teas

There are two main types of white teas: the Silver Needles (made up only of long silver buds) and the Bai Mu Dan (consisting of a twig of a bud and 2 to 3 leaves).

The harvest occurs just as the bud begins to open.

Thé Blanc


Thé Blanc whitering


Withering is traditionally made in the open air and the skill of the tea planter lies in accurately predicting weather conditions and organizing the timing of the plucking accordingly.

Thé Blanc firing


To obtain a level of moisture loss comparable to that of other teas, the leaves are left to wither for a much longer period of time, from 52 to 60 hours.

They are then immediately dried in large pans for approximately half an hour. Although the process may appear simple, white tea production is one of the most delicate. Finest white teas are essentially made of silver buds.

  • BAI MU DAN white tea
    BAI MU DAN white tea
    White tea from the Fujian province, China
  • VANILLA white tea
    VANILLA white tea
    Exceptional flavored tea
  • THÉ DES SONGES exotic white tea
    THÉ DES SONGES exotic white tea
    Rose, orange blossom and berries
  • Silver Needles
    Silver Needles
    A legendary white tea from Fujian, China
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