Grands Crus



Shogun Ieyasu's Kuradashi - Gyokuro

Green tea from Shizuoka (Japan)
An exceptional Grand Cru with powerful umami taste.

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  • Infusion Time 2'30

  • Quantity 0.2 oz / 10 fl oz - 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 120°F - 50°C

  • Time of the day All day long


This exceptional gyokuro is left to mature for over six months, when it is carefully aged in sealed jars. The location chosen for this is none other than the tea room that belonged to Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, permeating the tea with the area's storied past.

This complex tea takes us on a journey through time back to spring. Its range of features and powerful umami taste make this an exceptional tea.

Manufacturing process:

Making Kuradashi tea requires precise, meticulous expertise. Shaded for 3 to 4 weeks, the tea is harvested in spring. After a rapid withering, steaming and rolling, the tea is transformed into gyokuro.

The leaves are then stored in airtight containers such as jars or wooden crates, preserving their freshness by protecting them from external air and humidity. Strict control of humidity is crucial to prevent leaf deterioration. A constant temperature is also essential to ensure that the tea develops its full flavour.

Finally, the process of maturing the tea, which involves leaving it to rest for many months, allows it to evolve. The tea becomes more complex.

In addition to its manufacture, our gyokuro has received special treatment because it has been blessed by a Shinto priest!


  • Origin:
  • Shizuoka, Japan
  • Tea colour:
  • Green Tea

Suggestion of preparation

With the teapot or the tasting set: 2’30 minutes in water heated to 120°F.

With the Kyusu or the Shiboridashi: 10 g / 12 cl

- 1st infusion: 120°F - 1 minute

- 2nd infusion: 120°F - instantaneous
- 3rd infusion: 120°F - 45 seconds

Grands Crus: savour the exceptional

Rare and ephemeral, teas identified as Grands Crus by Palais des Thés are the result of alchemy between a tea plant variety, its terroir and the talent of an artisan grower. Meticulously plucked, processed and sourced in the most respected tea gardens, our Grands Crus unveil unique flavours that reflect the refinement of their origins.

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