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Palais des Thés is offering this complete set comprising a kyusu, a serving cup and four cups. Made from matt porcelain, this contemporary-style set is ideal for preparing Japanese green teas, particularly Gyokuro, Sencha and Tamaryokucha.

The set contains:

  •  A kyusu, or Japanese teapot, which incorporates a metal filter in the spout to retain the tea leaves when pouring. This means the leaves are not restricted by an infusing accessory, so they have plenty of room to develop their flavours and aromas. Capacity: 280ml / weight: 314g / dimensions: Φ172×122×80 mm 
  • A serving cup, or pourer, used to transfer hot water from the kettle to cool it before pouring it into the teapot. It also allows you to refill each cup in your own time. Capacity: 250ml / weight: 171g / dimensions: Φ83×62 mm
  • Four porcelain cups. Capacity: 40ml / weight: 88g x 4 / dimensions: Φ62x32 mm
  • A tealight holder, also in porcelain. Dimensions: 78×84×28 mm / weight: 65g
  • Glass coasters not included


Two ways of using the kyusu:  

  • Like a traditional teapot: using the same quantity of tea leaves and infusion time. This method is ideal for preparing small quantities of quality tea while offering the pleasure of using a special teapot. This method suits Bancha, Hojicha and Genmaicha.
  • Japanese method: the tea leaves can be infused several times. For this method, leave the leaves to infuse for 2 minutes the first time, 1.5 minutes for the second infusion, and 1 minute for the third.

How to use the kyusu teapot with the Japanese method?

  • Prepare the accessories: teapot, serving cup, four cups and the tea. 
  • Heat the water in a kettle to just below boiling point (around 95°).
  • Place the tea leaves in the pot.
  • Cool the water by pouring it into the serving cup. Each time this is performed, the water 
  • temperature is lowered by around 10°C. It ensures the water is at the correct temperature.
  • Pour the contents of the serving cup over the leaves once the water is at the required temperature.
  • Leave to infuse.
  • Pour the contents of the kyusu into the serving cup or directly into the four cups.
  • Repeat the process, reducing the infusion time by a third each time.

Material and user instructions:

Normally, porcelain is suitable for the dishwasher (don’t cram it). For the best result and the longest pleasure we recommend washing these items by hand. This is partly due to the relatively aggresive action of dishwasher tablets that can have a bad influence on the glaze of the porcelain.  

In order to protect the glaze, it is preferable to avoid rough rubbing against each other during stacking.

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