Mate Calabash

11.8 oz (35 cl)
Maté accessory
35 cl

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  • Height 11.7

  • Diameter 7.5

  • Material Stainless steel

  • Capacity 35 cl


The maté calabash is a really easy way to prepare and enjoy maté. Its double wall keeps maté at the right temperature, while also stopping the user's hands from burning.The stainless steel calabash made a easier maintenance. The exclusive silicone lid (BPA free) which holds the bombilla in place and lets you carry the calabash on the go. The calabash is personalised with the Palais des Thés logo.


Instructions for use :
-Fill half of your calbash with maté (around 40g*). Turn the calabash upside down while blocking the opening with your hand so that the maté's dust falls over.
-Tip the calabash over to make the maté fall to one side. Straighten up the calabash then put the bombilla on the maté.
-Carefully pour 200mL (6.8 OZ) of water at 80°C then put the lid. Savour the maté when it starts to cool.
-Renew infusions as much as you want just by adding more water at 80°C.
*This can be adapted according to your taste.

Care instructions :
-Remove the lid from the calabash and wash it after use.
Wash each element by hand (the calabash and its lid) with warm water and dish detergent using a non-abrasive sponge.
-Rinse and dry each element separately.
-Do not put in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer. Do not boil to sterilize. Do not soak in water for long periods. Do not use thinners, benzene, bleach or any other abrasive product to clean. Do not set on a hot surface.

Safety instructions :
-Take care to avoid burns when the calabash contains hot maté.
-When you put pour water into the calabash, be careful not to fill it up too much so that you can put the lid without overflowing your maté.
-The lid of the calabash is not waterproof, thus ensure that you always keep your calabash in hand or on a flat surface.
-The calabash is specifically designed for maté infusions.Using it with other types of beverages may cause damages.
-Keep out of reach of chilren.

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