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Tasting set of 10 tubes of tea
This set of ten loose-leaf single-estate teas is an introduction to the art of tasting, allowing you to discover tea origins and colors from all over the world.
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Palais des Thés invites you to learn the art of tea tasting and to explore its iconic single-estate teas. Each tea tube features the region, country of origin, tea type, appearance of the leaves, and ideal preparation conditions.

This box contains ten single-estate, loose leaf tea tubes (approximately 2 oz. of tea per tube) of each of the following teas:

- Milky Oolong: with its buttery, vanilla, and fresh floral notes, this gourmet oolong from Thailand is a delight.

- Butterfly of Taïwan: with its woody, honeyed, spicy notes and subtly sweet flavor, this Oolong is round and long in the mouth and unanimously appreciated.

- Genmaicha Yama: a traditional Japanese tea that blends Bancha green tea with roasted brown rice.

- Sencha Ariake: a Japanese green tea, both sweet and invigorating, with a vegetal and very slightly iodized flavor, ideal for discovering the excellence of Sencha teas.

- Long Jing: one of the best reputations among Chinese teas, with its roast chestnut notes.

- Grand Yunnan Imperial: this Chinese black tea provides a subtle energy boost. It is soft and floral, with a subtle astringency and a crowd-pleasing honeyed flavor.

- Darjeeling Margaret's Hope: dark, fruity, and full of character, it stimulates without overexciting.

- Kenya Kirinyaga: this strong black tea's intense woody and honeyed notes, as well as its robust texture, make it an excellent breakfast tea.

- Pu Erh Imperial: a well-known dark tea with woody and liquorice notes that aids digestion.

- Jejudo Imperial: this Korean green tea is a hidden gem with its marine and hazelnut notes typical of spring teas and its very umami flavor.

To go even further, this tasting set includes a booklet that teaches the fundamentals of tea tasting, introduces the single-estate teas, and presents the 10 teas in the set with additional information on the manufacture, origin, etc.

What's in this box?

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    Milky Oolong
    Oolong deliciously milky and sweet

    Oolong from Thailand with delicious milky flavours and wonderfully rich notes.

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    Butterfly of Taiwan
    Oolong tea from Taiwan

    A superb tea with woody, honeyed and spicy notes.

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    Genmaicha Yama
    Japanese green tea

    A surprising blend of Bancha green tea and toasted rice, this Japanese variety is unique with its roasted grains and characteristic flavour.

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    Sencha Ariake
    Japanese green tea

    This Japanese green tea is sweet yet invigorating, with a grassy and slightly salty flavour. A perfect gentle introduction to the joys of Sencha teas.

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    Long Jing
    Green tea from Zhejiang, China

    Breathe in the chestnut scent of this green tea, the best known and most popular in China, and imagine yourself on a stroll through the woods.

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    Grand Yunnan Impérial
    Black tea from Yunnan, China

    Mellow and floral, with just a hint of astringency, this delicious breakfast tea with a honeyed flavour, will wake you up without overstimulating.

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    Darjeeling Margaret's Hope F.T.G.F.O.P Second Flush
    Black tea from Darjeeling, India

    This tea from the Himalayan highlands features dark and fruity notes. A second flush with plenty of character.

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    Kenya Kirinyaga
    Black tea from Kenya

    A black tea powerful and aromatic.

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    Pu Erh Impérial
    Cooked Pu Erh tea from Yunnan, China

    Widely renowned in China for its many benefits, this dark tea with a strong scent of damp earth is the perfect digestive aid after a rich meal.

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    Jejudo Impérial
    Korean green tea

    A well worth trying Korean green tea, of a very high quality!

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