Miniature Set Of Tea And Chocolate Pairing

Initiation set - Limited edition
Set of 3 miniatures matching perfectly with chocolate
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Tea offers a surprising array of possibilities when it comes to food. Just like wine, tea can be paired with food to create delicious, elegant combinations. Try our tea and chocolate pairings, which will add a touch of magic to your tasting experience by bringing out shared notes or adding complementary ones.

Grand Yunnan Impérial & Dark chocolate: a bold pairing
- Pairing: The honeyed notes of Grand Yunnan Impérial are a perfect match for the intensity of dark chocolate. This combination produces a beautiful harmony of cocoa notes for a pairing with character.
- Tea: Sweet, floral Grand Yunnan Impérial is sometimes called the “mocha of teas” or “surgeon’s tea” because it reinvigorates without overstimulating. A superb leaf with plenty of golden buds. An essential classic at Palais des Thés.
Tasting tips: 95°C 200°F / 3 – 5’

Pure Indulgence – Pear & Milk chocolate: a sweet pairing
- Pairing: The sweet flavor of milk chocolate enhances the delicacy of Pure Indulgence Pear tea. The fresh, fruity notes of the tea blend with the sugary taste of the chocolate, making for a decadent combination.
- Tea: Pear combines the refreshing flavor of a superb Mao Feng green tea, harvested in China, with the delicate flavor of pear. It will delight the most discerning connoisseurs of flavored tea.
Tasting tips: 75°C 170°F / 3‘

Thé du Hammam & White chocolate: a delicate pairing
- Pairing: The fruity, floral notes of our renowned Thé du Hammam subtly underscore the creaminess of white chocolate in this understated pairing.
- Tea: Sweet and fruity, Thé du Hammam is a green tea inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe. Its fragrance recalls orange blossoms, roses, berries, and the flesh of green dates.
Tasting tips: 75°c 170°f / 3’

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