Glass Carafe 1L (34 oz.)
Brew up to 1L (34 oz.) of beverage with this functional and modern glass carafe ideal for preparing and serving your favorite teas and infusions.
1 L
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  • Capacity 1 L


This glass carafe is a convenient and stylish way to prepare and serve delicious teas and infusions, whether using loose-leaf tea or tea bags. The practical 1L (34 oz.) size allows it to be conveniently stored in a fridge door, and its silicone lid is ingenious:

• Facing one way, it can be used to serve drinks while straining fruit or ice cubes, thanks to the silicone lid's drip-free mouth.

• Facing the other way, it keeps the carafe completely sealed, protecting the drink and preventing spillage.

As well as being ideal for iced teas, the glass carafe is also suitable for hot drinks.

Capacity: 1L (34 oz.)

Materials: borosilicate glass, guaranteed BPA-free silicone.

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