Classic Teas - Tasting Set

Indulgence tea set with 10 tubes of tea
Set of 10 vials of tea
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This new tea set with delicate illustrations features a selection of 10 single-estate or flavored teas, handpicked to introduce you to the pleasures of tea.
It is provided with an introduction book to tastings.

This tea set contains 5 tubes of origin teas:

  • Big Ben, a perfect blend of Yunnan and Assam, round and spicy
  • Grand Yunnan Impérial, flowery and mild black tea of China, perfect in the morning
  • Margaret's Hope, a fruity Darjeeling with a great character
  • Long Jing, green tea of China with a delicate chestnut aroma, lightly sweet
  • Tamaryokucha Impérial, a remarkable japanese green tea with twisted leaves

And 5 exclusive flavored creations:

  • Thé du Hammam, a fruity blend evoking roses, green dates, red fruit...
  • Thé des Lords, Earl Grey with a strong bergamot scent, enlivened by safflower petals
  • Thé des Moines, the unique blend of tea, plants and flowers, inspired by a Tibetan recipe.
  • Fleur de Geisha, a refined combination of Japanese green tea favored with cherry blossom.
  • Rooibos des Vahinés, a rich recipe combining the scents of vanilla, almond, marigold petals and rosebuds!

Each tube contains enough tea to brew a 6- to 8-cup pot.
To prepare each tea at its best, you can refer to the Infusion Chart.

Presence of allergens : rooibos (South Africa) (93%), vanilla flavor (3%), marigold petals, vanilla, cream and almond flavors (1%)

Specificities of the tea set:
10 whole leaf tea tubes of 12 g (0.4 OZ)
Net weight: 120 g (2.1 OZ)
Size: 26 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm

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