Set Of Flavored Tea Miniatures

4 miniatures of 1 oz (30g)
Set of four tea miniatures


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Experience a selection of 4 of the most popular blends created by Palais des Thés.

This set contains 4 miniatures of 30g of the following flavoured teas:

  • Thé du Hammam: a fruity blend evoking roses, green dates, red fruit... 
  • Thé des Moines: the unique blend of tea, plants and flowers, inspired by a Tibetan recipe.
  • Fleur de Geisha: a refined combination of Japanese green tea favoured with cherry blossom.
  • Thé des Lords: Earl Grey with a strong bergamot scent, enlivened by safflower petals

The perfect selection to discover Palais des Thés recipes! Useful and playful, the miniatures, packaged in a colorful small box, are opened like a drawer!
Each small box describes the tea and offers tasting tips.

Loose, whole-leaf tea.

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