Organic Ruby Ceylan

Black tea from Sri Lanka
A bold black tea with rich flavors of smooth oak, spices, and simmered fruits.
USDA Organic

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  • Infusion Time 4'

  • Quantity 0.2 oz / 10 fl oz - 6g / 30cl

  • Temperature of infusion 195°F - 90°C

  • Time of the day All day long, Morning


This flavorful Sri Lankan tea showcases a wealth of captivating aromas, revealing intense notes of polished wood, spices, and cooked fruits.

Teas originating from Sri Lanka are famously known as "Ceylon tea," referencing the country's former name. This remarkable island is also renowned for its abundant precious stones, particularly sapphires and rubies. The name of this tea evokes the vivid, flamboyant color of the finest rubies, symbolizing the delicate craftsmanship of its leaves. Bursting with buds, it unveils a rich and intricate aromatic realm, characteristic of the exquisite teas from Ratnapura.

A delightful tea to savor with breakfast, it possesses a robustness that can be enjoyed with a splash of milk.

Ruby Ceylon is grown organically and has obtained certification from the reputable independent inspection body, Ecocert.


  • Origin:
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tea color:
  • Black tea

Suggestion of preparation

With the teapot or the tasting set: 5 minutes in water heated to 195°F.

Also delicious iced: steep 8g/0.3OZ in 50cl of water at room temperature 30min. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate

Tea and dishes message

It pairs perfectly with lamb.
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