Organic French Garden

Caffeine-free blend of pear and blackberry leaves
A delectably delicate blend of pear, apple, and blackberry leaves, French garden evokes a stroll through a garden in radiant bloom.
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  • Infusion Time 4'-5'

  • Quantity 20g / 1L

  • Temperature of infusion 90°C - 195°F


French garden is an organic delectable herbal tea made of fruits, plants and flowers, is a delicate blend of pear, apple and blackberry leaves.

Enter into the spirit of an opulent garden that marries French elegance and refinement.

It is absolutely caffeine-free and is a perfect evening treat.

This organic infusion is made of fruits and plants: apple, rose hip, sweet blackberry leaves, pear (pear, rice flour), pear flavors, sunflower petals, marigold flower petals, natural flavors.

For this collection of infusions we have drawn on our expertise and experience gained over nearly 30 years through the creation of our flavored teas. The Gardens are delicious herbal infusions with interesting, modern, enticing flavors (no added flavors), complex combinations of fruits, flowers and herbs with many virtues and flavors. Each infusion evokes a specific garden.

Attention: because some fruit pieces differ in size, infusions may vary in color or taste. This does not affect their quality.


Pairs perfectly with milk chocolate.

Tea ingredients

Apple* (51%), rose hip*, pear* (8%), blackberry leaves* (6%), flower petals* (sunflower, marigold), natural flavours.

*Organically grown ingredients.

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