Most-loved Teas - Selection of 36 Tea Bags

Assortment of flavored and single-estate teas - 36 tea bags
6 flavored and single-estate teas to savor the best of the tea
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A complete and diversified box set made up of 36 muslin tea bags made from hand-stitched cotton, containing 6 whole-leaf teas that represent the most popular choices in our range: 4 of our finest flavoured blends and 2 of the best single-estate teas. The ideal box set, to give or to keep, to enjoy the best of the tea at home.

This Most-loved Teas set contains 6 tea bags of each of the following teas:

  • Sencha Ariake: a sweet, invigorating Japanese green tea perfect for the morning.
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope: superb tea from the high Himalayan plateaus: dark, fruity, and full of character.
  • Thé du Hammam: inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this green tea smells of orange blossoms, roses, berries, and the flesh of green dates.
  • Vive le thé !: with its delicate citrus and ginger flavours, this green tea promotes zest for life and a cheery disposition.
  • Chai Imperial: delicate black tea enhanced with a rich blend of spices inspired by indian tradition. Delicious plain or with milk.
  • Blue of London: Yunnan black tea is combined with fresh, delicate bergamot to produce a remarkably balanced and refined blend.
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