Traditionally used in South America
Traditionnal accessory
32 cl
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  • Capacity 32 cl


Hollowed-out vegetable gourd which has been dried and polished, as traditionally used in South America for preparing and drinking maté.


The calabash is a natural product and must be cured before use to eliminate dust and residue.
To cure it:
- Fill the calabash to ¾ capacity with yerba mate.
- Add hot water and leave at least overnight. Add more water during this period if necessary.
- Empty and rinse the calabash, scraping the interior to remove all residue.

Your calabash is now ready to use! This step is crucial, not only to eliminate residue but also to allow the calabash to swell slightly, making it more watertight. The process will also plug any cracks.

After a day of use, empty the calabash of yerba mate and rinse it thoroughly, then leave it upside down to dry. This removes stagnant moisture to prevent mold from growing.

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