High-quality matcha
Powdered Japanese green tea with many benefits.
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  • Infusion Time 30 secondes

  • Time of the day All day long


Matcha Impérial is a round tea, mellow in the mouth, which develops delicious vegetal notes complemented by a particularly powerful umami flavour.

It is made with the greatest care using tencha leaves, a prestigious shade-grown tea: three weeks before harvest, the tea plants are deprived of most of the light, causing their leaves to develop unrivalled flavours.

The tencha leaves are then carefully ground in a stone mill until they have the fine texture of flour. This tea is not infused, but is whisked into water. This means the tea leaves are consumed, which explains the delicious flavour of Matcha Impérial as well as its many benefits. Matcha Impérial is a super-food with many qualities.

Rich in caffeine, with energising properties, and in theanine, which aids relaxation and concentration, one bowl of Matcha contains up to three times more catechin (a molecule with strong anti-oxidant properties) than any other green tea.

Powerful and invigorating, Matcha Impérial can be consumed on its own or with milk, hot or iced.

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