Matcha Green Tea Candies (3.5 Oz.)

Sweets flavored with authentic Matcha tea
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These sweets flavored with Palais des Thés matcha are made in Japan using sugar and authentic Matcha tea.
Matcha tea is a Gyokuro powder used in the Japan tea ceremony. Prepared by whisking not infusion, it is a strong, fortifying tea, usually served immediately after a very sweet dish.
Matcha confectionery is very popular in Japan, where there is a wide variety of biscuits, chocolate and sweets made with Matcha.

Beautifully decorated with the ideogram for tea ( Cha ), they are a reminder of the special atmosphere of the Japanese tea ceremony. With their planty, iodine notes, these sweets celebrate the aromas of Japanese green teas.

Ingrédients : sugar, glucose syrup , Matcha.

Net weight: 3.5 oz.
Individually wrapped sweets.

Tea ingredients

Sugar, glucose syrup , Matcha.

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