Jade Teapot

16 oz (50 cl) - Porcelain teapot
The Jade teapot is made from porcelain.

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  • Height 3.5

  • Diameter 7.4

  • Material Porcelain


This porcelain teapot is called after its jade-like color. In China, jade is considered a sacred stone that bestows power and protection on those who wear it. It is frequently used to make jewelry and tiny works of art.

The Jade teapot is made of porcelain, which does not retain aroma, making it perfect for brewing all types of teas and herbal infusions. It has a volume of half a litre and a stainless steel filter. It is thus ideal for brewing teas or herbal infusions at any time of day for one or more persons.


Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

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