Iced Teas Carafe 62.6 OZ

A carafe with filter
This carafe is perfect for preparing and serving delicious home-made iced teas and infusions!
1.85 L
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  • Height 28 cm

  • Diameter 10.80 cm

  • Material Glass

  • Capacity 1.85 L


Now you can make your own home-made iced tea!

This carafe is perfect for preparing and serving delicious iced teas and infusions!

Its large size means that up to 62.6 OZ of iced tea can be prepared. It is equipped with a steel micro-perforated filter to make tea and loose leaf infusion easier, and a silicon filter integrated into the pouring spout to ensure that fruit and ice cubes do not pass through while serving iced teas and infusions. This way, this glass carafe combines form and function, which makes this accessory a summer must-have item!

As well as preparing iced teas, it has also been designed to prepare hot drinks.

Capacity: 62.6 OZ

Materials (guaranteed to be BPA-free): borosilicate glass, silicon, stainless steel.


Spout and filters can be separated for an easy and quick cleaning.

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