Fruity Teas- Tasting Set Of Five Vials Of Tea

5 tubes of loose tea
Tasting set of five vials of tea
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Fruity teas is a new tea set with delicate illustrations that features 5 fruit-flavored teas created by Palais des Thés.

This tea set contains 5 tubes (of 12 g / 0.4 OZ) of the following teas:

  • Blue of London: Earl Grey black tea with bergamot
  • Goût Russe 7 Agrumes: a delicate recipe combining black tea with the tart flavours of 7 citrus fruits
  • Thé des Alizés: the fresh blend of green tea, flower petals, white peach, kiwi and watermelon
  • Théophile: green tea with fruity accents of lychee and mango. Floral note of lotus
  • Rooibos du Hammam: the original combination of green date pulp, rich red fruits and Rooibos

Each tube contains enough tea to brew a 6- to 8-cup pot. To prepare each tea at its best, you can refer to the Infusion Chart.

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