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Indulgence tea set with 10 tubes of tea
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This new tea set with delicate illustrations features a selection of 10 flavored teas created by Palais des Thés. This handpicked selection will introduce you to the pleasures of floral, fruity, sweet and spicy flavored teas. It is provided with an introduction book to tastings

This tea set contains:

  • Thé des Amants: black tea, amond, apple, cinnamon, vanilla and a hint of ginger!

  • Thé des Lords: Earl Grey with a strong bergamot scent, enlivened by safflower petals.

  • Thé des Moines: the unique blend of tea, plants and flowers, inspired by a Tibetan recipe.

  • Thé des Vahinés: a rich recipe combining the scents of vanilla, almond, marigold petals and rosebuds!

  • Thé du Hammam: a fruity blend evoking roses, green dates, red fruit...

  • Fleur de Geisha: a refined combination of Japanese green tea favoured with cherry blossom.

  • Thé des Alizés: the fresh blend of green tea, flower petals, white peach, kiwi and watermelon.

  • Vive le thé!: the green tea that gives you joy and hapiness.

  • Thé des Songes: Oolong tea with flowers and exotic fruits.

Each tube contains enough tea to brew a 6- to 8-cup pot.

To prepare each tea at its best, you can refer to the Infusion Chart.

Presence of allergens : Thé des Vahinés - green tea : green tea (China) (89%), rose buds (3%), vanilla flavour (3%), almond (3%), marigold petals, vanilla, flavours

Specificities of the tea set:
10 whole leaf tea tubes of 12 g (0.4 OZ)

Net weight: 120 g (2.1 OZ)
Size: 26 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm

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