Festive Garden Herbal Tea

Blend of cocoa, orange, and grapes
Gourmet infusion
5.3 oz metal tin


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  • Infusion Time 4-5'

  • Time of the day Evening


A delicious herbal tea of fruits and plants, Festive garden blends cocoa, orange, and grapes and tastes like a candy store at Christmas.

This infusion is made up of 7 different fruits & plants!

Fruits packed with sweetness:
- Grapes
- Citrus
- Apple

Plants and flowers that bring softness and comfort:
- Cocoa kernels
- Hibiscus flowers
- Rose hip
- Sunflower petals

It is absolutely caffeine-free and is a perfect evening treat.

NB: this infusion also contains natural flavors.

For this collection of infusions we have drawn on our expertise and experience gained over nearly 30 years through the creation of our flavored teas. The Gardens are delicious herbal infusions with interesting, modern, enticing flavors (no added flavors), complex combinations of fruits, flowers and herbs with many virtues and flavors. Each infusion evokes a specific garden.

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