DONG DING oolong tea

Oolong Tea from Taiwan
Tea lovers consider it Taiwan's best oolong tea. Low oxydation.


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  • Infusion Time 5' - 7'

  • Time of the day Evening


Oolong tea lovers consider it one of Taiwan's best.

Oolong tea with intermediate oxidation (30-40%). Naturally low in caffeine.

The tea is named Ding Dong ("Icy Peak" in Taiwanese) after the mountain that overshadowed the village of Lu Gu and its lake. It is the principal example of tea rolled into large, very dense pearls.

The pearl-shaped leaf is semi-oxidized, giving the liquor a unique yellow-orange color.

Its scent is both silky and intense, and its taste combines the flowery aspects of the less oxidized oolong teas with the fruitier, woodier Fancy teas. This exceptional harvest should be enjoyed according to the rules of Gong Fu Cha. 

Dry leaves

Appearance: a tightly-rolled leaf the size of a garden pea.  

Colors: intense green

Aromas: floral, herbaceous and buttery, on a vanilla background.

Brewed leaves (infusion)

Color: the unfolded leaf appears resistant and though – the sign of a certain maturity.

Aromas: reproduces the scent of the dry leaf, with a very ample, sweet, milky note.


Color: pale yellow

Texture: like a very light oil, very rounded.

Flavors: a touch of bitterness

Aromas: floral notes very different from those of the Bao Zhong teas, plus sweetness, then opulence; generally set off very well by the very rich, buttery, and vanilla background.

Tea and food pairings:
Discover the beautiful pairing of Dong Ding with foie gras. For desserts lovers, it also pairs very well with cakes such as pound cakes, almond and/or vanilla flavored cakes.

Delicious with white chocolate!

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