Box The best of tea

An extraordinary box to discover the best of tea
Selection of 12 teas and a few preparation accessories to initiate to the pleasure of tea tasting
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A complete kit with 12 whole-leaf teas (Grands Crus, Flavoured teas, single-estate teas and Herbal teas). The measuring spoon and paper filters make it easy to prepare these delectable brews. A tasting guide with a description of each tea and infusion is included to jelp you enjoy and appreciate every cup.
A high-quality set to give your guests a choice among the best of tea.

The Box The Best of Tea contains the following teas and herbal teas:
- Jukro (15g): unique black tea from Korea.
- Perles de Jasmin (20g): chinese green tea with jasmine.
- Milky Oolong (30g): Oolong from Thailand. Delicious milky flavours and wonderfully rich.
- Pu Erh Impérial (30g): highly regarded in Chinese medicine for its curative properties.
- Grand Yunnan Impérial (30g): Blac tea from China. Flowery and mild, Our Customer's favourite tea.
- Sencha Ariake (30g): a sweet, invigorating Japanese green tea perfect for the morning.
- Long Jing Impérial (30g): Green tea from China, Zhejiang. One of the most renowned China teas.
- Thé du Hammam (30g): inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe, this green tea smells of orange blossoms, roses, berries, and the flesh of green dates.
- Chai Impérial (30g): delicate black tea enhanced with a rich blend of spices inspired by indian tradition. Delicious plain or with milk.
- Blue of London (30g): Yunnan black tea is combined with fresh, delicate bergamot to produce a remarkably balanced and refined blend.
- Jardin tropical (30g): a blend of mango, pineapple, papaya and peach.
- l'Herboriste Chamomile Apple Spices (30g): an aromatic, feel-good infusion.

It also contains:
- larger Filters: a box of 100 L tea filters with gusset for teapots (4 teacups). Disposable, biodegradable and odor-free tea filters.
- a measuring spoon: a practical and essential tea accessory. Making tea is easy with this Palais des Thés measuring spoon.
- a tasting guide: containing general information about tea and also specific pages for teas and herbal infusions of this box.
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