THÉ DU TIGRE smoky tea

Smoky Black Tea from Taiwan

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Thé du Tigre, "Tiger Tea", is a delicious smoked tea from Taiwan. The leaf quality is superb and the smoking process is carried out in the traditional manner.

Once the leaves have been harvested and processed into black tea, they are lightly toasted on a flat iron griddle, then spread out on a bamboo rack and left over a spruce wood fire for many hours.

The smokiest of the smoky teas and also a favorite among connoisseurs.

Tea and food pairings:
Thé du Tigre, with its very smoky flavor, pairs harmoniously with with cold cuts such as dry sausage, smoked and cured meat, and terrine or pate.

3' - 4'
0.2oz / 30cl
194°F / 90°C

Throughout the year, our experts travel in the tea plantations looking for the best pluckings and new, rare, delicious teas.

The fact that we travel so extensively, that we taste and buy on location has many advantages and allows us to find rare crops by looking outside the traditional supplier circuit, to taste and to share with you the harvests of small plantations, which are often hidden away.

Visiting tea estates regularly and thereby establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers allows us to guarantee regular quality control of the teas we buy, and to continue our mission: to bring you the best quality teas and to share our travels and experience with you, while concerning ourselves with environmental issues, working conditions on the estates and the fair trade practices to which we adhere.

Heather - i first experienced this tea at a restaurant in New York...everyone at our table loved it. i was delighted that my order from Palais des Thes was every bit as good.Smoky, but smooth, and not bitter or harsh like some other smoky teas I have tried. I will re-order.

Courtney - I had this tea in NYC this weekend and I fell in love, it kind of tastes like a mixture of how a sauna smells and a charcoal grill smells. That may sound kind of unappetizing, but it was absolutely wonderful. Very highly recommended.


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